Friday, July 11, 2014

TCAS is now seven years old ....

Happy birthday Tanzania Consumer Advocacy Society
Tanzania Consumer Advocacy Society today on 11th.July.2014 has turned SEVEN years old since its establishment on 11th.July.2007. The are a lot to be proud of, but this is the major one of recent  .......

’Court to rule in sim card case’’……….. Read more

‘’Mahakama kuu ya tanzania leo imesikiliza kwa mara ya kwanza ombi la pingamizi la tozo ya laini za simu’’ …….. Soma zaidi

’ SIM card monthly charge to go, at last’’…... Read more

 ‘’New Sim cards tax: Govt `bows` to public pressure’’ …… Read more

’Serikali yaondoa kodi ya line za simu’’……. Soma zaidi.

Many thanks go to the President Hon. Dr Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete for being so understanding to this very humble consumers’ cry hence signed  a certificate of urgency to review sim card tax. After the President's decision and there-after parliament's approval; TCAS has no longer having a case on sim-card with the government 

Tanzania consumers and the general public will always remember your leadership amongst others ……….. ‘’Stopping sim card tax’’. 

For more information about TCAS's success stories, activities and projects one can read our blog-spots, our website and can access hundreds  of online publications on TCAS by the media; you just start by Google search engine THEN continue by selecting the stories out of the pool. 

With all Best Regards

Bernard E. Kihiyo
Executive Director
Tanzania Consumer Advocacy Society
Skype; bernard.kihiyo 
Tel; +255222443122 or +255757170555

You can read more on the meaning of certificate of urgency by the President to the parliament through  parliament of Tanzania's website at this pdf document.

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