Friday, December 24, 2010

Seasonal Greetings from TCAS - 2011 Thank You for Your Support

It’s the holiday season—the time of year when we count our blessings and think about helping consumers whose rights had been violated. For those of us in the nonprofit organizations, helping others is not a once a year phenomenon—it is the heart of the work we do every day of the year.

Even in these difficult economic times, we have much to be thankful for. We are thankful we get to do meaningful work that helps make our community a better place to live, businesses to strive and consumers to get better value to money spent on goods and services.

At Tanzania Consumer Advocacy Society (TCAS), we are proud to work with you for fair and equitable Tanzania and the world at large. It is enormously gratifying to know that through our consumer public education campaigns, one-to-one advisory service, web resources and publications, we are partnering with you to make a real difference at the community, national and international level.

If you’ve supported or attended one of program, received direct assistance from one of our staff, or visited our offices or just been part of our supporter in year 2010, we want to take this opportunity to thank you. Thank you for all you did to make your communities and our world a better place live. Next year-2011, we plan to continue and expand our work to encourage and support consumer advocacy by individuals, nonprofit organizations, the foundations, government agencies and development partners. We hope you will continue to be our partner in this work.

This past year, TCAS expanded its work across different sectors and activities as consumers issues are cross cutting by nature, while continuing to work intensively with groups working for improved public education, legal reform, consumer’s rights, environmental protection, financial education, competition and standards issues and we hosted on other issues which were of critical importance to social and economic justice to consumers.

Our special thanks for year 2010 go to;-

1. Our esteemed members and volunteers under VOICE - TZ

2. Anne Fransen Fund - Netherlands

3. Department of International Development – UK

4. Financial Education Fund –SA

5. The Foundation for Civil society-TZ

6. Swedish Society for Nature Conservation – Sweden

7. Aim for Human Rights – Netherlands

8. Consumer Information Network – Kenya

9. Consumers International – UK

10. UNICEF – Food Fortification

11. International Telecommunication Union - Switzerland

12. Sectoral Regulatory Authorities;- Bank of Tanzania, Tanzania Bureau of Standards, TFDA, TCRA, EWURA and SUMATRA

13. Media Houses;-IPP media, Business Times, Mwananchi, Majira, Daily News, Star TV, Radio Uhuru, radio one, EATV, Capital TV

14. and many others the list is endless

We promise to do even more in 2011; TCAS management hopes to count on you as a continuing partner in this work. On behalf of TCAS’s management, staffs, volunteers and members, we wish you happy holidays and a New Year filled with peace and justice for all.

Bernard E. Kihiyo

Executive Director

Tanzania Consumer Advocacy Society
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