Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Consumer Society declares war on low quality products

By Mgeta Mganga
The Guardian; 01.April.2009

Tanzania Consumers Advocacy Society, TCAS which has received affiliation membership to the world Consumer International, has wowed to be more active in protecting consumers against poor quality product,

Speaking in an interview in Dar es Salaam on Monday, the TCAS executive director Bernard Kihiyo said: “it is good to let consumers know that; since March, 2009; Tanzania Consumer Advocacy Society had been accepted by a very reputable world consumers association known as it’s affiliated member”, he said.

Kihiyo said the move had been possible after collective efforts by all TCAS members for the past two years. “This will allow TCAS to join about 255 other consumer associations in fighting for consumer rights in Tanzania and the world over”, he said.

He noted TCAS will be pushing for the enforcement of product standards and quality laws to protect consumers from consumption of products of poor quality. He asked the government to put in place a mechanism to enhance the enforcement of standard and laws in the wake of massive circulation of low-quality products in the country.

He said enforcement of legal procedures and regulations to protect consumer against poor-quality products was difficult as many consumers were still unaware of their rights. Kihiyo said domestic markets were flooded with low-quality products, including edible oil and spare parts.

“Apart from foodstuffs, there several imported products with are below standard, lives and health of consumers,” he said. In addition to that he said “It’s high time the government, through relevant authorities and organs, started protecting consumers against the dangers posed by poor-quality products imported into the country”.

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