Monday, March 23, 2009

How Tanzania celebrated WCRD-2009

For the second time after celebrating WCRD in 2008; Tanzania Consumer Advocacy Society (TCAS) celebrated WCRD-2009 in style, this time we collaborated with five government sectoral regulatory authorities, including their attached Consumer Consultative Councils-CCC; these include, Surface and Marine Transport Regulatory Authority (SUMATRA)-CCC, Energy, Water and Utility Regulatory Authority (EWURA)-CCC, Tanzania Communication Regulatory Authority (TCRA), and Fair Competition Commission with its National Consumer Advocacy Council to mark the event.

Among other things, there had been a one day seminar on 13th.March.2009 which involved 150 participants, whereby three nutritionists presented papers on the magnitude of junk food problems in Tanzania; they gave facts and figures on the matter. At the end of the seminar, we came-up with a way forward of involving school children so that the campaign to have a long term impact.

13th.03.2009 seminar on Junk food; Participants of the seminar in a group pictures and on the left cross-section of a venue.

There had been high media coverage from; news papers, radio and TV stations about this year’s theme Junk food Generation-Cause for Action against marketing of junk food to children and more so consumer rights issues in general were addressed. For instance; seventeen articles were published in all local newspapers depicting the WCRD theme and were written in both English and Swahili languages, 30 minutes TV talk show conducted depicting the WCRD-2009 theme.

At the pick of it all; we had covered a four kilometres street rally from Mnazi Moja to Karimjee Hall at Dar es Salaam, Deputy minister of industry, marketing and Trade; Dr Cylian Chami was the guest of honour. While addressing the rally in his speech, he gave government support and willingness to support the campaign on junk foods as well as war against substandard goods in our markets.

Tanzania Consumers on street rally to mark WCRD-15th.March.2009

This year we have involved about 105 primary school pupils of the ages between 8 to 13 years old; they participated on commemorating the event as well as getting to know the concept, dangers of junk foods, and consequences of junk foods to their health; now and during their adult hood.

On the left a group picture of deputy minister, with school pupils and on the right consumers listening the message from deputy minister

This is how Tanzania Consumer Advocacy Society in collaboration with other five Sectoral regulatory Authorities and their Consumers’ Councils celebrated WCRD-2009.

Best Regards
Bernard E Kihiyo
Executive Director
Tanzania Consumer Advocacy Society

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